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Sunser in Koh Mak (Ko Maak), Trat, Thailand by Kohchangholiday.com

KO MAAK (Koh Mak)
Lying between Koh Chang and Koh Kood (Koh Kut), about 40 kms from the mainland is a group of 9 islands called the Moo Koh Maak (Koh Mak). Only 4 of these islands, including Koh Maak (Koh Mak), Koh Kradad, Koh Kham and Koh Rayang Nok are occupied. Koh Maak (Koh Mak), with an area of only 16 square kilometers and a 27 km coastline, is the third largest island of the Marine Park. It has a flat terrain with plenty of coconut and rubber plantations. The main attractions are the long beaches and clear seawaters. There are only a few hundred people living here, most of them related.
In order to get there from Koh Chang, there are daily trips leaving early in the morning from Bang Bao pier. These are usually large boats offering snorkeling excursions to the four main islands of Koh Maak, Koh Wai, Koh Kradang and Kho Kham who drop you off at your place of choice. There are two operators that drop people off, namely companies like Bang Bao Boat and Greham Boats. A one-way trip to Koh Maak from Bang Bao costs 300 Baht. From other parts of Koh Chang situated closer to Koh Maak, prices can start at 80 Baht when you rent a long-tail boat.
Koh Maak is an island with shores of soft sand beaches, with a particularly scenic beach on the northwest. Inland, there is a vast area of rubber plantations and coconut plantations. Visitors get around by renting motorbikes on days when they're not at the beach.
Accommodations are mostly charming bungalows like the
Koh Mak Resort at the north-west of the island. Bungalows are situated right by the beach and the resort is geared up to satisfy your seaventure fantasies. Architecturally interesting resort bungalows like Cococape Resort also offer different design themes for their rooms, including that of a traditional Thai bungalow to a mediterranean family room. Places like Holiday Beach Resort and Kooh Mak Buri Hut Natural Resort feature colorful bungalows and a community atmosphere of locals and visitors alike. Kooh Mak Buri Hut Natural Resort offers short trips to a nearby temple and rubber plantations besides cliff climbing.
There are about 10 resorts mostly situated at the northwest or southwest of the island. Almost all the resorts are sold on full board packages with sightseeing trips and transportation. Some good examples are the Koh Mak Cococape Resort and Koh Mak Resort which offer packages that include 2 nights accommodation plus snorkeling trips by speed boat or fishing boat.
Koh Mak is shaped like a cross. The best beaches are on the south-west coast at Ao Kao, and the northwest coast at Ao Suan Yai, where the tiny Koh Kham lies in the distance. The main pier to Laem Ngob is the Ao Nid Pier, east of the island. Infrastructure is limited but there is a road system that conveniently links up the island. Ao Suan Yai, to the northwest has the longest and most beautiful beach where you can view Koh Raet, Koh Phee, Koh Kham as well as the captivating sunset. The beach is lined with lazy coconut trees. There are some fine restaurants here too. During low tide a sand dune appears between Koh Maak (Koh Mak) and Koh Kham (Ko Kham) allowing you to walk across.
Ao Khao on the southwest is another spectacular site of fine beach with clear waters and great views of Koh Kood (Koh Kut), Koh Rayang Nai (Koh Rayang Nai), Koh Rayang Nok and the beautiful sunset. There are some reefs teeming with plentiful fishes and is a favourite site for the anglers.
There is no public transport on the island. Visitors walk or rent bikes to get around. Some of the resorts have cars and vans for quick trips at a minimum fee. From November to April, one boat a day leaves from Laem Ngob boat pier to Ao Nid on Koh Maak's southeastern coast.

Koh Kham and the volcano rocks, Koh Kham, Trat, Thailand by Kohchangholiday.com

Just 1 km northwest of Koh Mak is Koh Kham, a small island with clear seawater, coral reefs and coconut-fringed sandy beaches that are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and angling for squids. The island is almost within swimming distance from Koh Maak's Ao Suan Yai beach. Aged lava exists on the island which means a volcano existed in prehistoric times. Big boulders believed to be volcano rocks are seen on its pristine beaches. During low tide a sand dune practically links the island to Koh Mak.

To the west of Koh Mak is a group of 12 islands known as the Moo Koh Rang. Of these, Koh Rang Yai is the largest. It is covered with tropical virgin rainforests and boasts the longest and most beautiful beach in the area, the Had San Chao or San Chao Beach. The sand here is powdery white and crystal clear water. Divers can enjoy its scenic underwater beauty up to 25 meters deep.
Koh Rang Yai has a hilly terrain. Its only low-lying area is at the shores. Birds and reptiles are the main wildlife. Northwards from San Chao is Had Ao Cho or the Ao Cho Beach which is the site of a Marine National Park Ranger Unit. Here, the water is transparent and swimming safe. Camping is allowed at a small fee and with the approval of the officer in charge but you have to prepare your own food. Water supply and toilets are available. In front of the Ranger office is a bridge made by dropping rocks and stones into the sea. The bridge was built to help transport supplies from the International Red Cross Organization to the Vietnamese refugees in the past.
Further south of Koh Rang Yai is Koh Rang Lek which is the main freshwater supplier to the former. There is a bird's nest concession in Koh Rang Lek and it is also a major source of bat's dung, which is known to be great fertilizers. Lucky visitors may see sea-turtles laying eggs on Koh Rang Lek and other nearby islets as they are chosen nesting grounds. The locals call them Jaramed eggs. The other well-known asset of Koh Rang Lek is its beautiful oval-shaped stones which has very smooth textures.
The islands of Koh Kra, Koh Thong Lang and Koh Thian on the northeast of Koh Rang Yai are great sites for skin diving. An array of varied corals and fishes abound. Of these islands, Koh Kra has the longest beach, although only 20 meters long. Swimming is not recommended here as the seabed is carpeted with corals. These three islands are only walking distances apart and the seawater is so shallow that it is possible to do so during low tide, but you should float with a life jacket or buoy to avoid stepping on some of the healthy corals.
The last coral island you should not forget is Koh Yak where you will virtually swim with the fishes while you snorkel. However, Koh Yak is a rock island with no beach. It is off the shores of San Chao Beach.

Calm waters near Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand by Kohchangholiday.com


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